Using Monaco EZcolor to quickly and inexpensively create custom scanner and printer profiles:

I recently got a copy of Monaco EZcolor, and I have made a bunch of custom ICC profiles with it. Using Monaco EZ color and a flatbed scanner, I have been able to get great results calibrating several Epson printers to each other even using different papers. My Epson 1200 is calibrated to my Epson Ex both using the Photo Paper and the images match very well. At a workshop I taught at Palm Beach Photo Workshops, we calibrated several Epson printers, including an Epson 5000 to each other some of which were using different types of paper. This worked very well!

I would recommend MonacoEZcolor for calibrating different papers and inkjet printers to each other and also for calibrating a scanner to an inkjet printer. Using it is fairly simple and it only costs $299. All you need to calibrate your printer is a flatbed scanner. You print the Monaco printer test target onto your printer then tape an IT8 scanner test target, that comes with MonacoEZcolor, to the same piece of paper the printer test was printed on. Now you scan that piece of paper, with the printer target and the scanner target on it. In one step MonacoEZcolor then analyzes the scanner target to produce a scanner profile then with that profile also analyses the printer target to produce a printer profile. The manual that comes with MonacoEZcolor has all the information you'll need to make your own profiles.

It was a Great idea to use your flatbed scanner, or a friends, as a spectrophotometer to create your custom printer profile. I have heard from other knowledgeable people who have also tried it that MonacoEZcolor works quite well with most flatbed scanners, even the cheaper ones. Get more info at or call 978-749-9977. To print your tests to create your profiles, use the Epson settings described in the jpeg file:
Ep1200SetsForCustProf.jpg . After creating a profile, use these same printer settings to print your images on the Epson 1200 but you must first do Image/Mode/Profile to Profile to convert a copy of the image to be printed from the color space it is in (like ColorMatch RGB, Adobe RGB, Lab, etc.) into the color space described by the printer profile you just made. The Jpeg file: ProfToProfToPrintWMonProf.jpg , has the correct settings to use when doing the Profile to Profile transformation.

To download the above jpeg files describing the settings, click on the names of the files you want to see.

Check out the August issue of Communication Arts for my extensive article on calibration and profile making. It will be posted here too later in the summer. In that article I'll compare EZ Color to Wiziwyg to Monaco Proof and talk about many profiling making issues like editing profiles, scanner verses spectrophotometer profiles and lots more.

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