Some Info About Nikon 8000 Film Holders

I received this e-mail from one of my readers about the Nikon 8000 120 film holder and thought it would be useful to share it with readers:

"I read your description of the Nikon 8000 ED film scanner in Photoshop Artistry 7, and would like to share my experiences of the 120/220 film holders. Most of my images are 6x8cm transparencies, so I scan a great deal of film in this format. I get superb scans
with the 8000. Unfortunately I don't share your enthusiasm for the FH-8695 film holder that comes with the scanner. Although it's true the holder allows you to "stretch" the film, the film still never seems to lay flat, especially if you load a strip with more than one image. And since the scanner autofocuses on the center of the image by default, I constantly have to move the autofocus target area closer to the edge of the film, or the edges of the scan are unsharp. The construction of the holder is also somewhat flimsy and after 18 months of usage the adjustment screws on the holder have become
worn after much use.

I got fed up with constantly adjusting the stretching mechanism and screws, and purchased the FH-869G holder with glass inserts a few months ago. The upper glass is etched to help eliminate Newton Rings, and the holder comes with a set of masks that effectively eliminate Newton Rings from the other film surface. It's a superb holder that has, of course, completely eliminated curvature of the film during scanning. Of course, you spend a little more time keeping the glass surfaces clean, but any stray artifacts are easily removed in Photoshop 7.0.

With this holder, I don't use autofocus at all. Since the film is always positioned in the same place, I simply turn off the autofocus and set the manual focus adjustment to 246, which on my scanner is the setting that produces a tack-sharp scan every time. The holder took 6 months to arrive, and cost about $225. Worth every penny, I feel!" and BOOKS WORKSHOPS DIGITAL GALLERY LATEST TIPS DIGITAL IMAGE LINKS

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