This page last modified on 4/1/04

Explore your own creative process
in our woodland studio.

Download PDF Brochure About Artist Studio

We've started an artist in residence program for people who need a quiet, calibrated environment to work on their art. Stay in our one-bedroom apartment, above our workshop space, and color correct or print 24 hours a day using our 1270, 1280, 2000P or 2200 desktop printer. Use your own ink (Epson inks only, please) and paper with these desktop printers or purchase catridges and paper from us.

Once you've perfected your work, we'll make larger prints for you on the 7600 at a reasonable price depending on the print size. Wendy and I will be available to answer your questions and help you with your work.

The apartment is also available for a single student, or a couple, to stay in while taking a workshop with either Barry or Wendy.

The apartment has a large living- sleeping room with dining area, a kitchen and the computer room with controlled lighting, a calibrated computer, scanner and printer at your disposal.

The price is $75 a night for stays while taking a workshop. The cost for the Artist in Residence program, when not taking a workshop, is $100 a night with a minimum 3-day stay and a one-time $50 set-up fee. You can purchase one-on-one consulting time at $100/hour with Barry or $50/hour with Wendy. The Artist in Residence program is really designed for people who have already taken our one week Digital Printmaking workshop, or for students who want to work at their own pace rather than following a workshop format.

Additional consulting time is not available from either Barry or Wendy when they are teaching a class at the same time, but you may stay in the studio while you are taking a workshop.

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