Bluff Utah, April 23-28 2006

at the Desert Rose Inn in Bluff, Utah

I went to this wonderful area in the spring of 2005 after getting advice from my friend Carl Marcus. Carl, Herb, Jeff and I (all photographers) explored the area and took some amazing photos, some of which are referenced here. We were staying at the Recapture Lodge in Bluff Utah and met local photographer and artist JR Lancaster who was giving a presentation of his photographs along with his knowledge of local sites, petroglyph interpretations and many great stories after living in the area for many years. This was such a great trip that I wanted to return and bring some other photographers too. JR and I agreed to do a workshop there at the same time in 2006. This will be that workshop!

About 1000 years ago the native population of this area was very large. There are canyons with ruins in them for miles and miles and they are and need to be left as they always have been. Luckily though, we can photograph them if we're careful not to disturbe anything.

Click here to see the pictures I took in one of those canyons last year:

Most of the places we'll go in this workshop are on BLM land, not in national parks, so exploring these areas and sites allows you to take pictures that are less likely to have been duplicated by thousands of other photographers. It's a very beautiful and interesting area. You can imagine what it was like for people to live here over 1,000 years ago and JR has lots of great stories about the history of this area and these people. We will also see plenty of local, plant, bird and animal life. It will be optimum time for desert wildflowers as well as possible sightings of Eagles and Hawks. The participates of this workshop will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with a local artist who lives and works in the canyon country of southeastern Utah.

Click here to see pictures that JR has taken of the Bluff area over the years:

Below is our schedule for this workshop. It will be a busy week were we get to shoot a lot, hike some and see wonderful landscapes, interesting ruins and a variety of petroglyphs. We'll also learn about the local area and culture and some useful Photoshop techniques during evening Lectures by JR and Barry. Look at the schedule below and check out the three galleries of pictures which cover some of the locations we'll be going to. If you'd like to sign up for this workshop, you can pay by credit card at the bottom of this page. If you sign up here, please also call us at 604-886-2214 so we can get further information about you. You can also call us and pay over the phone or by sending a check to the address at the bottom of this page.

Workshop Schedule:

Sunday April 23rd
7-9 PM
JR Lancaster, who has lived and photographed in the Bluff area for many years, will do a slide show orientation while giving a lecture on prehistoric cultures, the high desert landscape and how this environment and the human history has affected his artwork. He will also talk about the flora and fauna of the area, as well as the local geology. JR was trained in the traditional school of photography as he took Ansel Adam's last photography workshop where he saw Ansel print one of his last Moonrise over Hernandez images. JR also worked as a darkroom assistant for Paul Caponigro.

Monday April 24th
~6AM till 5PM
Breakfast at Desert Rose breakfast room and Lunch in the field.
We will go up on the cliffs where JR will give people an orientation on the layout of the land. We'll then head to Sand Island and explain prehistoric art, then on to sites in the area. Finally we'll end our shooting for the day along the Comb Ridge Monocline.
Dinner at local restaurants.
7-9 PM
Barry gives a lecture about managing Digital Camera Raw files with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS2. This includes issues you'll need to know when shooting, sorting and archiving your digital images.

Tuesday April 25th
~8AM till 5 PM
Breakfast at Desert Rose breakfast room and Lunch in the field.
Shoot on Private Navajo property that has a traditional Hogan, a two story log Hogan, an Anasazi ruin, and many interesting petroglyphs. This shoot includes Desecration panel, one of the most prolific rock art sites.
Dinner at local restaurants.
7-9 PM
Barry gives a Photoshop CS2 Overall Color Correction with Camera Raw, Adjustment Layers and Masks workflow lecture.

Wednesday April 26th
~6AM till 5 PM
Sunrise at Valley of the Gods then breakfast on the way to Natural Bridges where we'll do a morning shoot. Lunch on the road then an afternoon hike and shoot at Mule Canyon with a sunset drive back down Comb Wash returning to Bluff.
Dinner at local restaurants.
7-9 PM
JR gives a lecture about the interpretation of local petroglyphs along with local history, stories and legends.

Thursday April 27th
Breakfast at Desert Rose breakfast room
Barry helps people with questions they have about how to sort, color correct and work with the images they've taken so far. Attendees who bring their own portable computers to work with their images will find it easier to benefit from this session. Others can watch and learn from examples Barry will make using his own and attendees images.
Lunch in Bluff
1-6 PM
Shoot surreal geoforms at Recapture Pocket which also has lots of Hoodoo's and is only fifteen minuets away. We'll also go to an incredible prehistoric rock art site in Cottonwood Wash that is only twenty minuets away.
Dinner at local restaurants.
7-9 PM
Barry gives a lecture about more complex Photoshop masking and color correction techniques to solve a variety of landscape image color, shadow and highlight problems.

Click on Monarch Cave to see a third set of images of this wonderful site.

Friday April 28th
Breakfast at Desert Rose breakfast room and Lunch in the field.
9-5: Hike and shoot of petroglyphs and several ruins including Monarch Cave and the sandstone cliff above this awesome site.
5-6:30: Group dinner at local restaurants.
7-9:00 JR and Barry answer any final Photoshop or Local area questions in the Desert Rose conference room.

This workshop invites all levels of photographic experience, camera formats, film and/or digital. This is an excellent opportunity for the beginner to acquire firsthand experience in learning the various aspects of Fine Art Photography from camera basis to utilizing light and shadow to produce photographs of merit. This program also provides advanced photographers a chance to fine tune their skills and techniques in an atmosphere that produces worthwhile results.

Our two instructors have a combination of over 50 years experience working with a variety of camera types from 4x5 film cameras to digital SLRs. JR knows this area like the back of his hand and has taught many photography workshops here over the years. Barry has photographed around the west with 4x5, 120 and 35mm film as well as digital cameras and he has been teaching Photoshop workshops and writing Photoshop books for over 15 years.

More time and energy is spent on photography rather than accumulating a lot of nonproductive mileage getting to a location. Our objective is to maximize filed time to insure that each and every participant can work at his/her own pace with subjects of their own choosing. We will not engage in any extended or strenuous hiking but each person should be prepared to spend long hours in the field. Participants should be capable of managing their own gear and know their own physical limitations when working at around 5,000 feet above sea level.

Remember that you are responsible for your own transportation to and from Bluff, Utah (Fly into Salt Lake City, Utah or Farmington or Alburquerquey, New Mexico then get a rental car or just drive there from your home). I'll put together an e-mail list in case people want to car pool. For the shoots that week, we'll make up a car pool from the two instructor's and the participants vehicles. This will allow some flexibility if certain attendees want to avoid a particular shoot or if there are two groups that want to focus on different subjects some days. You are also responsible for your hotel room and meals. We have reserved a block of rooms at the Desert Rose Inn in Bluff Utah (call 435-672-2303 and use the group name of Barry Haynes Photography then place a deposit for your room which will cost $65.95 per night (price for single our double occupancy, let me know if you want to share a room and need to find a roomate)).

Each attendee will be required to sign a release stating:
"I (attendee's name) have read and understand the schedule of activities and the terms and conditions for this Workshop. I understand the schedule of activities and accept the risks therein. I hereby agree for and on behalf of myself, my dependents, heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns to release and hold harmless Joseph Lancaster and Barry Haynes and any of their agents, licensees, guides or representatives from any and all liability for delays, cancellations, injuries or death; for the loss or damage to my property; or for personal injury or property damage to others caused by them, however occurring, during any portion of, or in relation to this workshop. I am responsible for my own personal safety, health and conduct during this wrokshop."

You can pay and register with a credit card by clicking just below. You can call 604-886-2214 and register there. You can mail a check to: Barry Haynes, PO Box 1748, 547 Sargent Rd. Gibsons, B.C. V0N 1V0 Canada. The first 10 folks who put down a $500 US (~$600 Canadian) 50% deposit (balance payable on or before Monday April 23rd) or pay the full amount of $995 US (~$1,195 Canadian) will be included in this workshop.

50% Deposit to reserve a position
$500 US

Pay in full to reserve a position
$995 US

If you have any questions or comments about
the Bluff Utah Workshop please e-mail us.