Fundamental Photoshop for Photographers

This is a basic course for people new to Photoshop or those using only the basic set of functions. We will focus on the exercises from Photoshop 6 Artistry, covering specific questions in more detail, and offering an opportunity to explore techniques in more depth.

If you are interested in taking this course, please call us at 541-754-2219 so we can discuss your particular interests and needs to be sure this class will meet them. We can then also fit you into a course with people who have similar interests where we can focus and get the most accomplished for each student. I'm sure we will all learn from each other in this type of course. I look forward to hearing from you.

Topics Include:

Navigating in Photoshop – How to organize Photoshop’s Palettes, Actions, History, Navigator, Grids and Guides to use them most efficiently.

Color Space Usage and System Calibration – monitor, scanner and output calibration using ICC profiles and Photoshop 6’s new color model and calibration support; Color Spaces, Device Characterization and Color Management to correctly deal with scanner, monitor and printer calibration.

Setting System and Photoshop Preferences – How to set up your Mac or PC system and Photoshop’s preferences for the most effective use of Photoshop.

The Tool Palette – The many, and sometimes hidden, features of the Tool palette. Understanding issues of a file’s Resolution and Image Size.

Picking and Using Color – Understanding the RGB, CMYK, HSB and LAB color spaces, when and how to use each and the best ways to access them from Photoshop, including a discussion of the Color Picker, Custom Colors, Color and Swatches palettes.

Color Correction Tools – An overview of Photoshop’s many color correction and gamma adjustment tools, which ones are most useful, for what and why.

Overall Color Correction – The first things done to a normal image after it is scanned: using Levels to set highlights and shadows, overall brightness and contrast, and to correct for color casts; then using Hue/Saturation to saturate overall and adjust specific colors; followed by Curves to learn the art of tweaking certain color and brightness ranges.

Specific Color Correction – Fine tune an image by removing spots and scratches, dodging and burning, changing colors of selected items, sharpening and when to convert from RGB to CMYK. Learn about Photoshop 6’s new color correction features.

Selections, Masks, Channels and Layers – Learn the differences between and uses of the key Photoshop concepts: Selections, Masks, Channels and Layers. Know when to use a regular Layer and when to use an Adjustment Layer.

Changing an Object’s Color – Selecting a complex object within a photo using the Magic Wand, Lasso and Quick Mask tools and changing its color.

Black-and-White and Colorizing – Making a fine black-and-white print with detailed dodging and burning; darkening the edges of the print using Curves; doing detailed tweaks to remove unwanted blemishes and objects; colorizing a b&w image.

A Simple Composite – Making detailed Lasso selections, testing Feather variants, saving selections as Mask Channels, adding Layers and Layer Masks.

Knockouts and Gradient Blends – Creating a knock-out with Threshold, editing a mask, blending images with the Gradient tool and Layer Masks

Compositing Techniques – Comparing the Pen Tool, Threshold and Mask Editing for image compositing using Layers and Layer Masks.

Filters and Effects – Using the standard Photoshop filters and combining them using Layers and Blend Modes to get many more effects.

Web and Multi-Media Issues - Using 8 bit color and 8 bit palettes, creating GIF files, transparent GIF and JPEG files for Web sites and Multi-Media projects.

For the in class exercises, students use examples from Photoshop 6 Artistry. This book is rated “The best book for learning Photoshop” and has in depth step-by-step exercises and course images on the book’s CD. The material taught in class is also written down in the book! Students can purchase it from the instructor at the first class meeting for 20% off at $48. It can also be mail-ordered ahead of class at 20% off by sending a check for $52 ($4 for shipping) to Barry Haynes Photography, 2222 NW Brownly Hts. Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330. Please include your return address with the check. You will need a copy of this book to take the class.

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