Using Portable Digital Cameras


    Using Portable Digital Cameras (a 6 hour class, 9AM to 4PM with a one-hour lunch break, for $79.00. Bring your camera and its manual!)
    (for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc. point-and-shoot digital cameras)
  1. How many megapixels do you need?
    a. To make great web images
    b. To make prints up to 8x10 in size.
    c. To make prints up to 16x20 in size.
  2. Understanding picture size, resolution, jpeg compression and quality options.
  3. How to move pictures from your camera to a computer.
  4. How to make backup copies and archive pictures with your computer.
  5. How to make quick prints with your camera, computer and printer.
  6. Shooting the pictures
    a. Holding the camera steady.
    b. Setting the focus.
    c. Red-Eye options and their advantages/disadvantages.
    d. Flash and what it is good for
  7. Overview of common Camera setting options and what they do.
    a. Shutter priority
    b. Aperture priority
    c. Landscape
    d. Portrait
    e. Backlighting
    f. Overcast
    g. Snow
  8. How to take best advantage of your zoom lens.
    a. What lens zoom ranges are best and how to compare one camera's zoom to another.
    b. When to use wide angle verses when to use telephoto.
    c. How wide angle and telephoto lenses effect image composition and perception.
  9. Optical verses Digital viewfinders, different types and which are best.
  10. Basic color correction with Adobe Photoshop, Elements and other digital correction software.
    a. Auto Correction Options.
    b. Not re-saving jpeg files.
  11. Using an image browser like Adobe Bridge to organize your digital images.
  12. What you need to bring along for more than one day of shooting with your camera. Vacations, etc.
    a. Portable Computer.
    b. Portable CD/DVD burner.
    c. Other portable camera memory backup devices.
    d. Portable power sources.
  13. Questions and Answers; Issues with your particular camera.

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