The Photoshop Sessions

with Wendy Crumpler

10 a.m. – Noon

Sechelt Community Use Room at the Sechelt Library

$20 per session or all 4 for $70. Limited Seating. Please call 604-886-2214 to register.



Why You Need This


February 7

Overall Colour Correction

Every photo you take could look better with simple colour correction techniques. This session is recommended for everyone. To get the most out of Restoring Old Photos or Portrait Compositing and Retouching it is helpful to understand overall colour correction.

  • Assessing the image
  • Setting Highlights, Shadows and Overall Brightness Contrast
  • Correcting overall color casts
  • Refining contrast with Curves
  • Adjusting overall Hue and Saturation
  • Correcting problem areas with masks
  • Spotting and retouching
  • Sizing for print
  • Sharpening

February 14

Restoring Old Photos

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is a connection to their history. Get to know the tools that can take faded, yellowing or damaged images back to some or all of their former glory.

  • Assessing the image
  • Color correcting or tonal correction
  • Image density
  • Retouching tools
  • Toning an image

February 21

Portrait Compositing and Retouching

Creating a wonderful family portrait often means having to use pieces of different images to create one unified version in which every person looks his or her best. Learn the fastest, easiest ways to accomplish this as well as retouching secrets that can make a portrait sparkle.

  • Assessing the image
  • Compositing features
  • Color-correcting composited pieces
  • Overall color correction
  • Facial retouching

March 7

Organizing, Sorting and
Raw Images

Many people have the capability of shooting Raw images with their digital cameras but don’t know if or why they should. This session dispels the mysteries of Camera Raw and offers concrete advice on how to organize your digital images using Adobe Bridge, which ships with both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

  • Why shoot Raw?
  • Camera Raw controls
  • Combining versions of a single Raw image
  • Organizing with Bridge

Wendy is the coauthor of eight editions of Photoshop Artistry which has been translated into eight languages and been used to teach Photoshop to thousands of people. She wrote, designed and produced two editions of her highly acclaimed, Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator: Side By Side, a finalist in 2001 for the prestigious Ben Franklin computer book award. A Photoshop teacher for over 15 years, Wendy has done production work and training for major advertising agencies and design firms in New York City and Silicon Valley.