Setting up Your Photoshop CS2 and Bridge Preferences

Below are some of the issues this training video will cover. How to set up each step and why particular choices are made is also discussed:

We now have a 50 minute video, called PhotoshopCS2AndBridgePrefs, about setting up your Photoshop CS2 and Bridge preferences for use with the existing Photoshop CS Artistry book and eventually with Photoshop CS2 Artistry, when it comes out. This video goes through the Photoshop CS2 and Bridge preference dialogs and shows you how I recommend setting them up. If you are using our Photoshop CS Artistry book right now but are working with Photoshop CS2, this video should be helpful for you to set up CS2 so you can use the examples in Photoshop CS Artistry. By the way, the ArtistkeysPSCS actions, BarrysPhotoBrushes, ArtistryCSTool Presets etc. from the Preferences chaper on the Photoshop CS Artistry CD can be loaded into Photoshop CS2 where they will still work until Photoshop CS2 Artistry comes out along with updated and improved versions of these files for CS2.

This is one of my first videos and the sound in this particular video pops a bit because I had the microphone too close to my mouth. The other videos don't have this type of problem. There is still lots of useful info in this video and you can understand it but if the popping bothers you, don't order this one until I produce a new version of it, which probably won't happen until after January when Photoshop CS2 Artistry is completed.

BEFORE YOU BUY A VIDEO, click here (see the two paragraphs below for how to click) on CameraRawSmartObjects to download and try our free 8 minute video that shows you how to embed Camera Raw files into Photoshop CS2 layers as Smart Objects. This is a great new feature of Photoshop CS2 that I originally learned from Artistry co-author Sean Duggan. DON'T BUY BEFORE YOU TRY THIS FREE VIDEO FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! If this video works on your computer, then the ones you pay for should also work.

ON THE MAC using Explorer if you click and hold on the above CameraRawSmartObjects then you'll get the option "Download Link to Disk". This option asks you where to save the video on your hard disk. After saving it, you can then play it with Quicktime, which comes with the Mac. This same click and hold technique also works using Netscape on the Mac but the option there is called "Save Link Target As". In Safari on the Mac, you need to click on the above CameraRawSmartObjects and it will begin playing within a window. When it has finished playing (and/or downloading) you can then click and hold down the mouse button on the middle of the window where it played then you'll get the option named "Save as Quicktime Movie" in a pop-up menu allowing you to save the file. It can then be played again using Quicktime. Mac users have had no problems downloading and playing these videos.

ON WINDOWS using Internet Explorer, use the right mouse button to click on the above CameraRawSmartObjects then choose the "Save Target As" option to save this file on your desktop or in a known location. You can then hopefully play it using Quicktime 7 or Windows Media Player 10. The high quality video compression format used with these videos doesn't play on some PCs, even newer ones, without your installing the correct software (player and/or CODECs) to play them. Some PCs don't come with Quicktime 7 or Windows Media Player 10 or the correct CODECs to play these videos and THESE VIDEOS DON'T PLAY PROPERLY ON SOME PCs. If the above CameraRawSmartObjects video doesn't work properly on your PC then don't buy the others and then complain that they don't work. TEST THE FREE ONE FIRST! All PCs are different, there are thousands of configurations and manufacturers, and that is why we have the free test video. Try the free CameraRawSmartObjects test video and if it won't play on your PC, click here to see how to upgrade your PC so it will more likely play. Getting Videos to Play on Your PC.

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