Spiritual Places, Ship Rock Fire Sunset

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12.Ship Rock Fire Sunset

Ship Rock Fire Sunset

Ship rock is located on a Navajo indian reservation in north western New Mexico. I shot this during the time that a large fire was happening southwest of there in Arizona. The smoke from the fire kept totally blocking the sun but from time to time it would shine through. I love the way the Navajo have left this spiritual site of theirs in it’s natural state. The road out to Ship Rock, if you can even call it a road, is the most bumpy I’ve been on. The rock gave me such a powerful and spiritual feeling, being there was making tears come to my eyes. The message I got from the rock was that it has been there for millions of years and it will still be there when the human race has driven itself into extinction. The fires burning that day, and for months, certainly reminded me that we don’t have the control of nature and destiny that some of us think we have. We need to tend the garden of mother earth or we will suffer and die just like the many plants and animals we have mistreated over the decades.

This scene was shot on a tripod in 2002 using Fuji Velvia and a Mamiya 6 x 4.5 120 film camera.