Spiritual Places , Burnley Graveyard

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09.Burnley Graveyard

Burnley Graveyard

Burnley is the coal mining town in northern England where my father spent his youth. The house he was raised in is still owned by the Haynes family, my relatives. My grandfather, who was a preacher, and my uncle, his very rebellious son, are buried in this graveyard. This cold place is on the hill at the edge of town and the wind blows there constantly. This area of England has a cold stark beauty that this image illustrates. Although it was shot in color, this black and white print better conveys the mood and feelings I had while looking at the scene. To achieve the effect of this print, I had to adjust the foreground differently from the background using one of my most difficult Photoshop masks. This may be my most popular image so far! Too bad the church no longer exists.

This dramatic scene was shot hand held in 1985 using Kodachrome 64 and my trusty Canon F1 camera with the 28mm 1.8 lens.