Spiritual Places, Bryce Stone Woman

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06.Bryce Stone Woman

Bryce Stone Woman

Bryce Canyon is an amazing place but, like the Grand Canyon, you need to hike down inside to discover it’s true majesty. A storm was brewing here as I stepped out onto the exposed viewpoint and captured this image. I set up my camera quickly as I was concerned about lightning. The rock formation lit so brightly in the middle-front reminds me of a naked woman with long wavy hair eternally sitting there looking at the view in front of her. She is the reason for the name of this image. At Bryce Canyon its possible to imagine faces and even entire figures within many of the stone shapes carved by time.

This dramatic image was shot hand held in 1982 using Kodachrome 64 and my trusty Canon F1 camera and the Canon 28mm f3.5 lens.