Spiritual Places, Crater Lake North Side

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05.Crater Lake North Side

Crater Lake North Side

This image was taken in the afternoon on the north side of the lake, near the boat launch area, looking south. It is not one of the common views you’ll see of Crater Lake yet I printed it because I love the calmness of the water leading up to the silhouette of the crater on the far side. The color of Crater Lake is a very spiritual calming blue that shows off the depth of the lake and its enormity against an expansive sky. Crater lake, called mount Mazama by the local klamath native americans, is one of the most amazing places on earth. Imagine a snow capped mountain rising 4,500 feet higher than the edges of the crater you see in this image. In one gigantic explosion 7,700 years ago the mountain was blown away leaving a massive hole over 1,900 feet deep. Over time this hole filled with water to create one of the world’s deepest and clearest lakes.

This image was shot with my Gowland 4x5 camera using Fuji Velvia and my 220 mm lens. I lugged several cameras down a steep switchback trail to the lake without finding an image that really inspired me. The long haul back up the trail in the afternoon heat required a stop or two and at this one I’m glad to have made this image.