Spiritual Places, Redwood Fog Spirits

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04.Redwood Fog Spirits

Redwood Fog Spirits

When I first saw this view in the Santa Cruz mountains, I knew it was where I wanted to live. This was the view from the mountain dome home I built and lived in for 16 years. Every night I’d emerge from a curvy mountain drive to smell the redwood forest air and look at the milky way above. In the morning I’d often be greeted by a fog ballet like the one you see here. Fog would lay flat covering the valley as the sun came up then later do this dance and finally disappear as the air began to warm for the day. This was the view we had from the dome house deck at this truly spiritual place. The street I lived on here was actually named Memory Lane. I will never forget this place or the times spent there. My friend Fred Brauer, who studies geology and the history of the area, believed this site had been a favorite spot for native americans to enjoy in centurys past.

This mountain scene was shot in the 1990s using Fuji Velvia and my Canon EOS 10S camera with the 28-105 Canon zoom set to 28mm, my favorite 35mm camera focal length.