Spiritual Places, Crater Lake Sunrise

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03.Crater Lake Sunrise

Crater Lake Sunrise

Crater lake, originally named mount Mazama by the local Klamath native american tribe, is one of the most amazing places on earth. Imagine a 12,000 foot high snow capped mountain rising 4,500 feet higher than the 7,500 foot edges of the crater you see in this image. In a gigantic explosion about 7,700 years ago the mountain was blown away leaving a massive hole over 1,900 feet deep. Over time this hole has filled with water to create one of the world’s deepest, bluest and clearest lakes that still has a 1,949 foot depth. Material from the explosion that made crater lake has been found as far away as central Canada! My good friend Al Hoffman and I camped out the night before near the lake so we could get up early and capture this scene. Al and I are not normally morning people but the morning sun coming across this lake was certainly worth the early rising!

This low light scene was shot in the fall of 2001 using Fuji Velvia and my trusty Canon F1 camera with it’s 28mm 1.8 lens. Three 28mm exposures, shot with the camera on a tripod, were manually composited together in Photoshop to create this very wide angle image. It is normally not possible to photograph all of crater lake without a very wide and distorting fish-eye lens. This composite photograph allows you to have an image of the lake that looks like what you'd actually see.