Spiritual Places, Yosemite Tree Sunrise

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02.Yosemite Tree Sunrise

Yosemite Tree Sunrise

This image was shot in Yosemite Valley on a cold October morning at first light. The light on the tree in the original photograph was wonderful. Due to the low light conditions though, the foreground was rather flat and the sky was totally blown out. In the print I improved the foreground by increasing its contrast and color saturation, I also saturated the colors on the trees and adjusted the background rocks for the effect I wanted. The sky was obtained from another scene I shot in Yosemite valley later that same day then masked into this scene and adjusted to fit using Photoshop. This image contains some of my most complex Photoshop correction techniques, I’m very happy with the way it came out. This is the only image in the Spiritual Places series where I composited something, the sky, from a different shot.

This early morning scene was shot on a tripod in 1989 using Fuji Velvia and a 4x5 camera with 90mm lens both borrowed from my good friend and photographer Bruce Hodge.